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(Please NOTE: You will NOT be able to Buy, Franchise, Work On, or even RENT one of our Mobile Salon Buses without completing the course and getting a Mobile Salon Operators License.) 

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Mobile Salon SCHOOL

  • If you are looking to learn everything you need to know in order to be successful in the Mobile Salon business...
  • If you want to change your life by doing something that's FUN and that makes More Money… 
  • If you want to complete the school and get your Mobile Salon Operators License… 
  • If you want to get in on the Ground Floor of this Multi-Billion Dollar Industry...
  • If you need Mobile Salon Bus Financing from Funding Sources, that requires COMPLETING THIS COURSE as collateral... 
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Thank you for taking the time to Sign-Up for these Mobile Salon BUS Program ONLINE SCHOOL Courses. You will be instructed by the BEST Instructors available. We are so confident in our Courses that we offer a 100% Money Back GUARANTEE! As you can see here:


You will be able to take advantage of top-notch skills and expertise in multiple areas of business. With over 30+ years of experience in the Barber & Beauty and many other Industries, Mr. Mac and his partners will show you how to be truly successful!  

Featured Premium Courses Description

These Hair Art and Mobile Salon SCHOOL Courses are the first and the only Online Schools for the Barber & Beauty Industry. This course will teach, train and certify Barbers & Stylists who want to learn how to do Hair Art Designs and Hair Art Advertisements as well as the same people who want to get into the Mobile Salon business. When you complete this course you will be able to do all kinds of Hair Art Design Haircuts. On the mobile side, you can even Design your Bus, Get your Mobile Salon Operators License, even Print out your Business Plan and get your Mobile Salon Business FUNDED!

This Mobile Salon ONLINE SCHOOL is like No other in the World. We have put this online course together for one reason, to improve by advancing the entire Barber & Beauty Industry as a whole. This course has many different sections and parts to it but the most important parts are defined below:

As you can see we have intensive courses put together for all those who choose to upgrade their careers. These schools will share with you everything you are going to need to know to operate and be successful in the Mobile Salon Industry as well as in Hair Art. There are over 100 Hours that make up the Hair Art SCHOOL and over 250 hours worth of material that make up the entire Mobile Salon SCHOOL. It is timed in some areas but you're encouraged to work at your own pace. Some people have been able to finish the entire school in less than 60 Days while others take longer to finish. It is totally up to you. 


Our Government, along with most Cities and States, are “Cracking Down” on all these, “Fly by Night” Mobile Barbers and Stylist who are just taking a truck or bus or van and just Slapping a station, chair, and mirror in them and calling themselves “Mobile”... This is NOT a Proper Mobile Salon and as of 2021 and the new Laws that were passed, They are NOT LEGAL!

e will license you and teach you everything you need to know to be legal and successful in this New Mobile Salon Industry!

Below you will find the most commonly asked questions and the answers to those questions. If you do not see a question that you have for us about the Hair Art SCHOOL or the Mobile Salon SCHOOL please share your questions with us using the CONTACT US page at the top of this page. 

HAIR ART SCHOOL & MOBILE SALON SCHOOL Questions & Answers: (CLICK on the Question to reveal the Answer)

*How long does it take to go through and finish the online Hair Art SCHOOL or the Mobile Salon SCHOOL?
The completion of these courses depends on your due diligence and how serious you are about finishing. These courses are scheduled and time out courses of around 170+ hours worth of material. This means it would take a normal person who is working with diligence in or around 60 - 90 days to complete.
*How much does a Mobile Salon Bus cost?
The price for a Custom Mobile Salon Bus will differ depending on which bus layout you select. It can range anywhere from $75,000 or $80,000 all the way up to and exceeding $100,000 depending on how much customization is required to complete the Mobile Salon Bus. How many items you want to have installed in your Mobile Salon Bus will also affect the end price as well as if you are enrolled in the Mobile Salon Financing Program.
*How does the Mobile Salon financing work?
The first thing about the Mobile Salon Financing Program is this online course. No applications for Mobile Salon Bus financing will be accepted or processed until this Online Mobile Salon School course is completed and a certificate for a Mobile Salon Operators License is received. The Mobile Salon Bus Operator Certification and License is used in your application for financing because it shows that you have completed the course and educated yourself about the Mobile Salon business. The financing also means you will be working in the Mobile Salon Program with our company which would ensure that the investing person or company is guaranteed to get their investment back. This return on investment guarantee through contracted partnership with our students after completing the course and by working directly with our company to make money and pay back investors is one of the main things that financing institutions, as well as our investors, are looking for.
*After I complete this course, how long will it take to receive my Hair Art License or my Mobile Salon Operators License?
Once you complete the Online Hair Art SCHOOL or the Mobile Salon SCHOOL you will receive a Certificate of Completion and the corresponding License for the course you took in the mail in about a week. If you are chosen for the "ADVANCED GROUP" then you will have to complete the online course and then an in-house course in person to get the ADVANCED Professional Hair Art or Mobile Salon Operators License in which you will receive your Advanced Licence in person.
*How do we go from Mobile Salon Bus Operator to Mobile Salon Franchisor?
The first step is completing this Online Mobile Salon School to receive a Mobile Salon Bus Operator License. Once you are certified you will be eligible to work on the bus in our Mobile Salon Financing Program which will enable you to build enough money to purchase your own Mobile Salon Bus. Then when you have your own Mobile Salon Bus you will automatically qualify to be a Mobile Salon FRANCHISE! (A Multi-Million Dollar Opportunity)
*What type of vehicles do you use to convert into Mobile Salon Buses?
We use a wide variety of vehicles but the ones that we found to be the safest and most effective when it comes to quality and ability are Ford or Chevrolet Buses and Mercedes Sprinter Vans. We are also working with some new vehicle manufacturers as well as a line of never seen before ELECTRIC BUSES!
*Can you convert a vehicle I have or I can bring to you?
In most cases, we do not take in customer vehicles and make alterations to them. For Insurance and Liability reasons, we are not allowed to alter or make changes to outside vehicles. If something was to go wrong or is broken or damaged then we would be liable. But the biggest reason why we do not take in vehicles that we did not source and purchase ourselves is because we would not be able to insure or certify that vehicle as 100% Guaranteed and up to our quality and standards especially when it comes time to go through the State Inspection & Licensing process.
*Can you help me with licensing in my state?
In this course, you will learn the basics of what your state rules and regulations for licensing are and what they require. We only assist Franchisee Owners with Licensing & Permits, Appointment Scheduling, Insurance, Gas, Credit Card Processing and many other needs and requirements. All of our Franchise Owners receive direct assistance with city and state licensing requirements as well as the Mobile Salon NETWORK for ongoing assistance and support.
*Do you sell used Mobile Salon vehicles?
We, unfortunately, do not sell used vehicles for our Mobile Salon conversions. The amount invested into a conversion would be compromised if we use old or used vehicles plus our warranties would not extend to old or used vehicles. Also if the used vehicle breaks down your entire business will be down and prevent you from making money. But the biggest reason why we do not use older models or used vehicles is because of the City and State regulations. Most States now have a limit to how old a vehicle is allowed to be before it is used as a Mobile Salon. In the last few years most Cities and States have been “Cracking Down” on these Pop-Up Illegal “Mobile Salons” that are not regulated or licenced and they are towing these businesses that are not up to code.
*Do you have financing?
We are ONLY able to offer the option to apply for In-House Financing and our Sponsor Financing Program for students who successfully complete the Mobile Salon School and receive their Mobile Salon Operators License.
*What if I have bad credit?
Financing can be found in a variety of ways that don’t necessarily depend on credit. Once you complete the Mobile Salon School 15 Courses, you will be supplied with the knowledge to run a successful Mobile Salon Business as well as a 3D Design of your Mobile Salon Bus, a Mobile Salon Operator Certification License, and a Mobile Salon Business Plan that you can take to investors, family, and friends to raise the capital to pay for your own Mobile Salon Bus. You will also be able to apply for one of our financing programs once you complete the Mobile Salon School.
*How much do I have to pay down?
Down Payments depend on how you finance your Mobile Salon Business. Banks typically are looking for 10 - 50% down. This means, for a $100,000 Mobile Salon Bus at 50% you will have to come up with $50,000 as a Down Payment. But if you qualify for our In-House Financing Franchise Program, the down payment is now a $5,000 Enrollment Fee into our Franchise Program. If you work with an Investor, they may or may not require a down payment.
*Can I finance the $5,000 Hair Art or Mobile Salon School Course?
We do not offer financing for the Hair Art or Mobile Salon SCHOOLS, however, you can set up a FREE account on our Barber & Beauty Industry CrowdFunding website at where you can now run a crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds with the help of family, friends, and clients. Also be awaire that once you complete all 10 courses of the Mobile Salon School your $5,000 enrollment will go towards the payoff of your mobile Salon bus and you will also be eligible for our sponsorship financing program.
*What all comes with the price of the bus?
Prices vary with the size and type of vehicle you pick generally. For example, a two-station Mobile Salon costs $100,000 and includes the customization of the interior along with the outside wrap and all the technical design services and will be fully ready for business. This means everything from water tanks, electric generators, tile floors, flat-screen t.v.’s and more come standard on a Mobile Salon Bus customization job. If you have additional design specifications that are outside of our standard options, those may increase your overall cost.
*After I complete this course, how long will it take to receive my Mobile Salon Bus?
Once you complete the Online Mobile Salon SCHOOL you will have all the equipment you need to go out and procure funding for your Mobile Salon Bus. Then you bring those funds back to us to start working on your Mobile Salon Bus. At that point, it normally takes anywhere from 30 to 90 Days to complete a Mobile Salon Bus customization job
Once you complete the Online Mobile Salon SCHOOL you will have all the equipment you need to go out and procure funding for your Mobile Salon Bus. Then you bring those funds back to us to start working on your Mobile Salon Bus. At that point, it normally takes anywhere from 30 to 90 Days to complete a Mobile Salon Bus customization job.
Once you complete the Online Mobile Salon SCHOOL you will have all the equipment you need to go out and procure funding for your Mobile Salon Bus. Then you bring those funds back to us to start working on your Mobile Salon Bus. At that point, it normally takes anywhere from 30 to 90 Days to complete a Mobile Salon Bus customization job.

(What's Up all you “ARTIST” out there! My name is Ronnie Mac. I’m the Owner of the Shops & Salons NETWORK, the Hair Art NETWORK, and the new Mobile Salon NETWORK. You guys know me as Mr. Hair Art! Thank You All for your Attention and don’t forget to SHARE this information about the Hair Art SCHOOL and the Mobile Salon SCHOOL with other Barbers and Stylist to sign-up. The more educated people we have in the Industry the more Powerful we ALL will be. ***Don't forget to ask about our REFERRAL Program to get paid for signing people up! We are changing the GAME! Check out our main website at and remember our Motto: RESPECT YOURSELF because  IMAGE IS EVERYTHING!) 


The United States and indeed the World has been hit with the COVID-19 “Coronavirus” Pandemic and is suffering from the worst outbreak and civil disruptions in current human history. 

Due to the recent Coronavirus Outbreaks and the ongoing threat of contagion and business closures, the Mobile Salon NETWORK is instituting the following measures: 

  • All ACTIVE Mobile Salon Buses must register the locations where they will be providing services, and they must update and maintain an "ACTIVE LOG" to ensure safety and accountability from the coronavirus spread.

  • All contracts for “EVENT PROMOTIONS” that detailed more than 25-50 or more people to attend have been canceled or postponed due to State and Government regulations to control the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

  • To comply with new “SOCIAL DISTANCING” rules and laws as well as pandemic quarantine and sanitation measures the Mobile Salon NETWORK will be outfitting all Mobile Salon Buses with Industrial Sanitation Stations, as well as, installing New UVC LIGHTS inside the Mobile Salon Buses that Kill 99.99% of all Germs, Bacteria & Viruses.

  • For all those who will be ordered to “Stay Home,” the Mobile Salon NETWORK will be deploying a New Text & Video Chat Communication Site for all Active Mobile Salon NETWORK Members to keep our lines of communication open while we go through transitions for the changes to the Mobile Salon Franchise Roll-Out, as well as, our Public Launch.

  • All Mobile Salon Students will be reconnected to (SITE 2) for continued education and because we are suffering from a shortage of Instructors, we are experiencing a slow down in the Mobile Salon SCHOOL Reviews, Testings and Email Responses, so all enrollments to the Mobile Salon SCHOOL will be reduced to control time management and availability.

  • To all Mobile Salon NETWORK Members and Partners who use continental or overseas tools, materials and equipment it is now mandated by the company to reduce waste wherever possible and to safely and responsibly reuse as many materials and products as possible since most of the factories and suppliers we use are shut down or in short supply.

Because our company has suffered multiple employee and worker shortages from the CORONAVIRUS QUARANTINES, SOCIAL DISTANCING & SHUT-DOWNS, we will be shorthanded for the foreseeable future, and we ask that all Mobile Salon NETWORK Members, Operators, Employees & Students be patient as we work together to get through these trying times.

Our sympathies go out to those infected by this tragedy and we hope and pray for a speedy recovery for us all.

GOD is GOOD so we WILL get through this together.

Thank You and Good Luck!

Mr. Ronnie Mac

Owner of the BIG3NETWORKS


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